About Us

Pine Valley Residential Services, formerly Little Pine Valley, has served adults with multiple diagnosis referred into our programs from counties throughout the state of Wisconsin since 1993.

Individuals referred into our programs typically have a history of self-destructive behaviors and varying degrees of chronic mental health, emotional, behavioral, and/or drug and alcohol related issues. These individuals will often be transitioning out of an institutional setting or are at risk of going into an institutional setting. More often than not, those referred into our programs have failed in multiple other placements and are seeking an alternative solution to what has been done before.

We seek to identify individual needs but also to get to know each person and what motivates them. We create structure and consistency in their lives and thereby safety. We strive to think “outside the box” and to work as a cohesive team to find solutions that work for the individual in order to help them succeed not only while they are here, but hopefully well beyond their placement with us.

Mission Statement:

We motivate and assist individuals in achieving their greatest potential.  We promote integration between providers to facilitate a whole person approach to treatment and care.  We believe in creating a cohesive team approach to support each individual.