Behavioral Health Program

The mission of Behavioral Health Services at Pine Valley Residential Services, LLC (PVRS) is to improve the health of our clients by providing behavioral health services and integrating services with Pine Valley Integrated Services as well as with external psychiatric and medical services to improve the continuity of care.

Mental illness and substance use disorders are problematic and challenging for many in our society.  People of all ages, gender, and socioeconomic strata are affected, as are their families.  Just as behavioral health issues cover a wide range of problems with varying levels of intensity, so do the PVRS treatment programs.  Our services focus on helping people create and maintain an active, healthy lifestyle in the community, even as they cope with a variety of behavioral health issues.

Our qualified licensed professional staff forms the backbone of our specialized treatment programs.  These caring specialists are backed up by a skilled, experienced work force of professional administrators, direct care providers, and support staff.

Our program is designed to offer a wide variety of services to meet the complex needs of people dealing with mental illness and/or substance abuse issues. The Pine Valley Residential Case Management Team provides for an average of (1) hour of individualized case management per client per week and (1) hour of LPN Case Management, which includes coordination of regular health reviews and monitoring of clients.  Each Client Case Manager provides coordination with other agencies, the guardian and/or natural support systems, as well as assuring the well-being of the client in all other areas.  Additional Case Management needs will be developed and implemented as an additional service based on necessity and requirement.  The Case Manager immediately reports to the referring agency and/or guardian any significant change which may affect the client’s well-being.  The Case Management team will be involved in additional staff meetings as dictated by requirement and client need. Depending on the need of the individual client, the Case Manager may request that the referring agencies involve the client in appropriate social programming, recreational programming, vocational programming, and/or medical review provided by contracting agencies and clinics.  Case Management teams prepare and send regular summary reports as needed and/or requested.


We offer treatment in partnership with Pine Valley Integrated Services through Individual Counseling, Family Therapy, Group Therapy and Behavioral Health Program Consultation and Supervision for:


  • Major Mental Illnesses
  • Substance Abuse Issues
  • Grief & Loss
  • Family-Related Stressors
  • Work-Related Stressors
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Health-Related Stressors


The resources we offer at Pine Valley Residential Services to address these issues include:

  • Bio-psycho-social Assessments,
  • Behavioral Health Treatment Planning
  • Clinical Supervision and Training for Direct Care Staff
  • Educational Resources, Community Resources, Outreach, and Advocacy
  • Psycho-Educational Programs
  • Vocational Support Programming
  • Case Management Services
  • Vocational Support Programming